Arabia is a former nation, ruled by TheN3therReactor. After awhile, Arabia decided to merge with Japan, creating the Colony of Omani.


Independence Era

Arabia was founded by TheN3therReactor, after TheN3therReactor left Emporium, due to it closing. After creating Arabia, TheN3therReactor started to build Kasab. Before the merging of Arabia and Japan, Kasab was a very simple city, consisting of a house and a mine. A runway, now under German control, was created also, the runway that resulted in the creation of the Kasab, the first vehicle in the Arabian Air Force. Unfortunately, Cadrega burned the Kasab down, along with another plane after merging with Japan. During WW3, Arabia stayed neutral; but would enter the war on Japan's side if Arabia was disturbed.

Omani Era

Arabia soon merged with Japan, becoming the colony of Omani. Under Japanese rule, several buildings were built, including the Wheat Tower, the Cobblestone Generator, the Bunker, the Kasab Jail, and a new runway. Kasab is continuing to grow, with several buildings planned. As of October 30, 2017; the Omani colony now has all SlimeFun basic machines.


Some planes created by Arabia include the Kasab, and the Scopefire.

The Kasab

The Kasab was a wool and wood plane designed for speed and recon. The plane has helped scope areas out, until being hijacked and destroyed by Cadrega.

The Scopefire

The Scopefire is a brand new plane, designed for precision bombing and speed. It can cruise the distance of Iran in about 30 seconds to 1 minute. It can also shoot 4 TNT at a time, with a scope that can shoot at a single building without any other buildings being majorly harmed. It also is good at recon, due to the fact it has 2 cockpits, 1 for driving, and 1 for viewing areas of interest.